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The stucco specialists at Stan Wilson Plastering have perfected the application of stucco exteriors with decades of experience. They understand what it takes to meet the specific desires of local property owners in Auburn, CA. There is so much you can do with stucco to enhance your property!

Stucco can be applied using the one-coat method, the three-coat method, or the EIFS, synthetic stucco system. There are more than 50 types of textures and Stan Wilson Plastering can create any texture you like. However, five types of finishes are most popular with customers in Auburn, CA. The five most popular finishes are:

• The Sand or Float Finish—The simple sand or float finish creates the appearance of grains of sand. It most popular in commercial properties.

• The Dash Finish—A dash finish is a rough finish with small peaks of stucco sticking out. This finish can be light, medium, or heavy in volume and applied in two or three coats to achieve a uniform appearance.

• The Lace Finish—A lace finish creates a look similar to a lace fabric. This is the most common look and is good at concealing imperfections.

• The Scraped Finish—This finish is the smoothest. It is created by smoothing the stucco with a steel tool. The smoothed finish is difficult to achieve, but it is becoming a popular application. This is because it is the easiest to clean and extremely customizable with different colors added for a distinct look.

• The Santa Barbara Finish—This is similar to a smooth finish, but the brown coat is not flat in this finish. The result adds character to its appearance.

Even more versatility is added today with contour foam shapes that create exterior detailing once reserved for grand buildings. Custom designed crown moldings, cornices, columns, rosettes, windowsills, trims, and other decorative detailing are now affordable with contour foam shapes. Let Stan Wilson Plastering help you decide how to use contour foam shapes to beautify your property.

Stan Wilson Plastering also has decades of experience refinishing, painting, and repairing stucco. Various methods are available to refinish unpainted stucco. You can also improve painted stucco; but it is a more complicated job. Refurbishing painted stucco requires a method that produces a crack-resistant permanent bond.

Even durable stucco needs repairs sometimes. Stucco damage occurs for a number of reasons. The most common causes of stucco damage are construction problems, poor quality of repairs, and weather or water-related damage. Let skilled stucco repair professionals use matching materials to produce seamless repairs in your home or commercial building.

Don’t settle for any stucco contractor. Get the qualified and dependable service you deserve with Stan Wilson Plastering for your next stucco repair job.

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