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Whether a stucco surface is new or old, there are many different finish coatings on the market. However, acrylic coatings provide the optimal solution for solving stucco cracking and color coating problems. Acrylic coatings have become very popular as an alternative finishing coat to the traditional stucco finish in Auburn, CA and elsewhere. At Stan Wilson Plastering, we have developed a specialty in acrylic coatings just for you!

Generally, the traditional Portland cement stucco finish offers an unlimited selection of textures. Acrylic coating finishing options also offer a range of textures, but they do not offer the same versatility of textures that stucco provides. However, acrylics are more versatile when it comes to color applications.

Acrylic coatings are easily tinted to match any color. Acrylic finishes are offered in numerous colors and shades, including dark tones. Dark tones are not recommended for stucco because of pigment absorption issues. Properly formulated acrylic coatings will neither flake nor peel from a properly prepared surface. Top quality acrylic coatings are highly weather and UV resistant. Even after a decade of exposure to the elements, high quality acrylic coatings maintain their condition.

A clear acrylic coating provides water-repellant benefits without changing the color of the underlying material. For new stucco applications, a wide variety of products are available for any job, depending on its desired result and the condition of the stucco. Stan Wilson Plastering will apply only the best products on your property.

Discover the benefits of acrylic coatings today! See how the aesthetic character of your building is enhanced in the hands of professionals with decades of experience pleasing customers in Auburn, CA. The quality of craftsmanship is second to none! Stan Wilson Plastering has earned its reputation as a plastering contractor that exceeds expectations.

Boost your property’s curb appeal with new acrylic coating finishing options. Contact Stan Wilson Plastering and ask how colorful acrylic coatings would improve your property today!

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